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Что нового в MySQL 3.23.52

20.08.2002 00:01

Вырезка из changelog:

  • Fixed security bug when having an empty database name in the user.db table.
  • Changed initialisation of RND() to make it less predicatable.
  • Fixed problem with GROUP BY on result with expression that created a BLOB field.
  • Fixed problem with privilege tables when downgrading from 4.0.2 to 3.23.
  • Fixed thread bug in SLAVE START, SLAVE STOP and automatic repair of MyISAM tables that could cause table cache to be corrupted.
  • Fixed possible thread related key-cache-corruption problem with OPTIMIZE TABLE and REPAIR TABLE.
  • Added name of 'administrator command' logs.
  • Fixed bug with creating an auto-increment value on second part of a UNIQUE() key where first part could contain NULL values.
  • Don't write slave-timeout reconnects to the error log.
  • Fixed bug with slave net read timeouting
  • Fixed a core-dump bug with MERGE tables and MAX() function.
  • Fixed bug in ALTER TABLE with BDB tables.
  • Fixed bug when logging LOAD DATA INFILE to binary log with no active database.
  • Fixed a bug in range optimiser (causing crashes).
  • Fixed possible problem in replication when doing DROP DATABASE on a database with InnoDB tables.
  • vFixed that mysql_info() returns 0 for 'Duplicates' when using INSERT DELAYED IGNORE.
  • Added -DHAVE_BROKEN_REALPATH to the Mac OS X (darwin) compile options in `' to fix a failure under high load.

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