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Cache Groups

You can do more elaborate grouping by setting up cache_id groups. This is accomplished by separating each sub-group with a vertical bar "|" in the cache_id value. You can have as many sub-groups as you like.

Пример 14-9. cache_id groups

$smarty = new Smarty;

$smarty->caching = true;

// clear all caches with "sports|basketball" as the first two cache_id groups

// clear all caches with "sports" as the first cache_id group. This would
// include "sports|basketball", or "sports|(anything)|(anything)|(anything)|..."


Technical Note: The cache grouping does NOT use the path to the template as any part of the cache_id. For example, if you have display('themes/blue/index.tpl'), you cannot clear the cache for everything under the "themes/blue" directory. If you want to do that, you must group them in the cache_id, such as display('themes/blue/index.tpl','themes|blue'); Then you can clear the caches for the blue theme with clear_cache(null,'themes|blue');

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