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void display ( string template [, string cache_id [, string compile_id]])

This displays the template. Supply a valid template resource type and path. As an optional second parameter, you can pass a cache id. See the caching section for more information.

As an optional third parameter, you can pass a compile id. This is in the event that you want to compile different versions of the same template, such as having separate templates compiled for different languages. Another use for compile_id is when you use more than one $template_dir but only one $compile_dir. Set a separate compile_id for each $template_dir, otherwise templates of the same name will overwrite each other. You can also set the $compile_id variable once instead of passing this to each call to display().

Пример 13-12. display

$smarty = new Smarty;
$smarty->caching = true;

// only do db calls if cache doesn't exist

    // dummy up some data
    $address = "245 N 50th";
    $db_data = array(
	    "City" => "Lincoln",
	    "State" => "Nebraska",
	    "Zip" = > "68502"



// display the output

Use the syntax for template resources to display files outside of the $template_dir directory.

Пример 13-13. function display template resource examples

// absolute filepath

// absolute filepath (same thing)

// windows absolute filepath (MUST use "file:" prefix)

// include from template resource named "db"

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