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Location of document and contacting the author

The last version of this document can always be found on my homepage in the section Cyrillic HOWTO (russian).

If you have any suggestions or corrections for this document, please contact me at I will be very grateful for any new and useful information relating to Cyrillic support on various Unices. Keep in mind, your information may help others.

Cyrillic HOWTO (russian) — Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Eugueni Mihailovich Baldin. Distribution of this HOWTO is goverend by the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.1 or later..

Translation from the Russian by Misha Brukman, Copyright (C) 2002. Any miswordings or errors in the English version are my own, please report them to me: .

This howto is based on Cyrillic HOWTO — Copyright (C) 1995,1997 Alexander L. Belikov.

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