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Link-sys WPC11 Mini-HOWTO

Gerardo Arnaez

Revision History
Revision 2.0.22003-02-24Revised by: gea
Thanks to Justin Stockton for helping me eliminate a confusing bit of reading.
Revision 2.02003-01-15Revised by: gea
I have decided to generalize this document to other distributions then just debian. The redhat section is due to the generous contribution of Tony Perrie of Involution (.DOT.) com. I also recently got a fast connection again and was able to update kernal and patches info. I also tried out the new wlan-ng module
Revision 1.22003-01-11Revised by: gea
Made clear where to get most up-to-date documents
Revision 1.1.42002-12-22Revised by: gea
I forgot what i did here
Revision 1.1.32002-06-09Revised by: gea
Made clear what version on linux-wlan I actually used.
Revision 1.1.22002-05-26Revised by: gea
In part 2 of the HOWTO, the last item says make-kpkg --revision-custom.1.0 kernel_image when later on you used the correct one make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image . Where there is an equal sign before the word custom and not a dash. This has been corrected. thanks to Raj Prakash,
Revision 1.1.12002-04-27Revised by: gea
some more grammer improvements, and highlighting to make things clearer
Revision 1.12002-04-13Revised by: gea
Correct grammar, made things a little more clearer, made software requirements more explicit.
Revision 1.02002-03-24Revised by: gea
Written because I spent enough figuring this out that I wanted to store "how I did it" somewhere I wouldn't lose it and figure you all might like it too.
Revision 1.1.42002-8-10Revised by: gea
I attempted to follow my own instruction on re-installing on the same laptop and found my how-to a little lacking. Have made things a bit clearer on what I am using. Also made a table to two

This is a Cookbook on how to set up a Wireless Link-Sys WPC11 card using a Link-SYS Wireless Access Point/DSL/Switch on a Debian system. Other systesm are addressed.

Table of Contents
1. Preliminaries
1.1. Where to Get Most Recent Updates
1.2. Request for Help
2. Link-sys WPC11 install on Debian
2.1. Why Debian and why just this card?
2.2. Required Hardware
2.3. Software Requirements
2.4. Notes on additional helpfulsoftware
3. Debian Kernel Configuration
3.1. What TO enable
3.2. What NOT to Enable
5. Using make-kpkg to build the new kernel and pcmcia-source modules
6. Wlan Drivers for You Link-Sys Card
7. Checking things in case they don't work
8. Wireless tools
9. RedHat Installation
9.1. Drivers
9.2. Hermes.conf Hack
9.3. Redhat PCMCIA Services
9.4. Redhat System Tools
9.5. Restart the network.
10. Wireless Access Point
11. Request for comments

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