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1. Disclaimer and Copyrights

This document and the related software are provided as is to the Linux and Internet community, with no form of warranty. Please note that some operations related in this document may destroy the content of your hard-disk. We assume no liability for any use, correct or not, of this document and of the related software.

You are free to do anything you want with the remote-boot tools as long as you do not make money by selling them or by distributing them with a commercial product. If you want to commercialize a product derived from these tools, please contact the authors first to make a commercial agreement. These remote-boot tools will remain available for free forever, but we may authorize derived commercial tools.

These provisions shall be interpreted under and in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, canton of Geneva. All disputes, defenses, controversies or claims arrising in conncetion with this document and the related software, shall be subject to the exclusive juridiction of the courts of the canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

If you like this program, you can send us a Postcard and/or make a gift to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) or to the UNICEF.

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