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1. Introduction

This document is still WIP, and should be treated as such. I'll do my best to keep it updated and accurate.

The following bibles shouldn't be ignored:

Also be sure to check the following links:

1.1. Objectives

Among others, the objectives of this mini-HOWTO are:

1.2. Miscellaneous

The latest version of this document is available at

A WIP of the next draft may be available at

All drafts are archived at

Everything is mirrored at

You can e-mail me (in English, French, or Portuguese) with suggestions about the mini-HOWTO. I know this is far from finished, but hope you find it useful. Just don't ask me to add your application or site. Most likely I won't. Also don't ask for technical support. I have no time to help everyone.

BTW, someone to work on the protocol and server sides would be very welcome.

FrИdИric L. W. Meunier ()

1.3. Translations

Proposed translations will be linked here. Although I can write in Brazilian Portuguese and French, I'm not going to translate this document in the near future, so feel free to make them.

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