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4. Console IRC Clients

4.1. ircII

Maintainer: ircII project ()

IRC Channel: #ircII (official channel ?) on EFNet

Originally written by Michael Sandrof, ircII comes with most Linux distributions. It uses termcap and shouldn't be a choice for most users, but is a standard. Mathusalem and other gurus will use it. Less ventured will regret to have it installed.

You can get the latest version of ircII from Homepage at

4.2. EPIC

Maintainer: EPIC Software Labs ()

IRC Channel: #EPIC on EFNet

Based on ircII, EPIC (Enhanced Programmable ircII Client) is meant for real scripters and users searching freedom. When you start it for the first time you'll notice that you should really learn the basics of scripting.

You can get the latest version of EPIC from Homepage at

4.3. BitchX

Maintainer: Colten Edwards ()

IRC Channel: #BitchX on EFNet

Based on ircII and EPIC, BitchX could be compared to the Pine MUA. Bloatware (doesn't mean you shouldn't use it) and widely used. The choice for users that want a client with built-in facilities. It can be compiled with the GNOME libraries by using the configure option --with-gtk. Don't be surprised if all you get is a XTerm-BitchX instead.

You can get the latest version of BitchX from Homepage at Homepage of gtkBitchX at

4.4. irssi

Maintainer: Timo Sirainen ()

IRC Channel: #irssi on freenode and IRCnet

Timo released yagIRC ~3 years ago. It was a GUI client using the GTK+ toolkit. The army called on him, and the new maintainers wouldn't do the job. yagIRC passed away and he started irssi as a replacement. It used GTK+. GNOME and curses versions would appear later. As of 0.7.90 it's only a modular text mode client. Supports Perl scripting.

You can get the latest version of irssi from Homepage at

4.5. Other Console IRC Clients

There are a few others ircII based clients.




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