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8. IRC Bouncers (IRC Proxy)

8.1. bnc

Maintainer: None ?

IRC Channel: None ?

bnc is the original bouncer.

You can get the latest version of bnc from Homepage at

8.2. muh

Maintainer: Sebastian Kienzl ()

IRC Channel: None ?

muh is a smart and versatile irc-bouncing tool that will also go on IRC as soon as it's launched, guarding or attempting to get your nick.

You can get the latest version of muh from Homepage at

8.3. ezbounce

Maintainer: Murat DeligЖnЭl ()

IRC Channel: None ?

ezbounce's basic features include password protection, remote administration, logging and listening on multiple ports.

You can get the latest version of ezbounce from his Homepage at

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