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The Geographic Information Systems: GRASS HOWTO

David A. Hastings

U. S. Department of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Geophysical Data Center

          Boulder, CO 80303


Revision History
Revision 1.013 November 1997Revised by: dah
Initial Release

This document describes how to acquire, install and configure a powerful scientific public-domain Geographic Information System (GIS): the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS). It provides information on other resources for learning more about GRASS, GIS in general, for acquiring data, etc.

This document also encourages the Linux community to consider enhancing this software as a major application of UNIX/Linux. ("When will Linux become bundled with public domain or Linux Public License 'killer apps'"?) For more on this topic, see Section 8 below.

Table of Contents
1. What is a GIS?
2. What Is GRASS?
3. A Brief History of GRASS
3.1. A Re-Invogorated GRASS Management Model
3.2. Continued Assessment of Future GRASS Management
4. System Requirements for GRASS
5. How to Acquire GRASS
6. How to Get GRASS Running on Your Linux-based Computer.
7. Web-based Support for GRASS (and for GIS Matters in General)
8. The Future of GRASS?
9. Copyright Notice, and Notice on Support of this Document
9.1. Copyright notice
9.2. Notice on support of this document
10. References
A. Acquisition/Installation of GRASS4.13 Binaries
B. Acquisition/Installation of GRASS4.1.5 Binaries
C. Acquisition/Compilation of GRASS Source Code
C.1. GRASS 4.2 Quick Start
D. Enhancing GRASS
E. Sample Files

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