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5. X Window FTP clients

There are several graphical FTP clients designed to run on the X Window system. These clients offer ease of use for users who are used to graphical environments, and sometimes offer versatile options that would be hard to implement in a text-based ftp client.

5.1 gFTP

gFTP is an FTP client for X Windows written using Gtk. The interface has some similarities to the popular WS_FTP software commonly used on a certain unstable operating system.

gFTP features simultaneous downloads, resuming of interrupted file transfers, file transfer queues, downloading of entire directories, ftp proxy support, remote directory caching, passive and non-passive file transfers, drag-n-drop support, a very nice connection manager and more.

If you are running Red Hat Linux and have the GNOME desktop installed, then you probably already have gFTP. If not, you can download gFTP from its homepage at

5.2 WXftp

WXftp is an FTP client for the X Window System designed to be used mainly on Linux workstations. It is written using the WXWindows toolkit, so it can be compiled to use either Motif or GTK+

It includes an intuitive user interface (much like WS_FTP), a session manager, on-line help, a progress bar, and more

Check out WXftp's homepage at


LLNL XFTP was one of the first graphical FTP clients for Linux. It supports FXP (file transfer between two remote hosts), and has a Motif based interface.

More information is available at

5.4 guiftp

Guiftp is a simple ftp client written with the GTK+ toolkit. It's good if you don't need many features and want a simple, clean look.

Guiftp's homepage is at

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