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1. Preamble

This document was written by Matthew Borowski for the Linux Documentation Project. I have not yet finished adding everything I want to add. There will be a section with information on operating an FTP server.

1.1 Contacting Me

Please contact me if you have any additions or changes for this document. Please do not ask for technical support -- you may purchase Unix consulting and support through my company, WorldServe, or you can ask for help on newsgroups such as comp.os.linux.*. Please also keep in mind that I can only understand English and Farsi.

1.2 Legalities and Distribution

This document is Copyright 1999 by Matthew Borowski. You may freely distribute this document as long as the copyright notice remains unaltered. If you distribute this HOWTO as part of a commercial product, I would like to recieve a copy, but this is not required. If you wish to distribute a modified or translated version of this document, please contact me first for permission.

1.3 History of this document

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