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4. Emacs-W3

There are several different flavors of Emacs. The two most popular are GNU Emacs and XEmacs. GNU Emacs is put out by the Free Software Foundation, and is the original Emacs. It is mainly geared toward text based terminals, but it does run in X-Windows. XEmacs (formerly Lucid Emacs) is a version that only runs on X-Windows. It has many special features that are X-Windows related (better menus etc).

4.1 Where to get

Most distributions include GNU Emacs.

The most recent GNU emacs is 19.34. It doesn't seem to have a web site. The FTP site is at

The latest version of XEmacs is 20.2. The XEmacs FTP site is at For more information about XEmacs goto see its web page at

Both are available from the Linux archives at under /pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs/

If you got GNU Emacs or XEmacs installed, you probably got the W3 browser running to.

The Emacs W3 mode is a nearly fully featured web browser system written in the Emacs Lisp system. It mostly deals with text, but can display graphics, too - at least - if you run the emacs under the X Window system.

To get XEmacs in to W3 mode, goto the apps menu and select browse the web.

I don't use Emacs, so if someone will explain how to get it into the W3 mode I'll add it to this document. Most of this information was from the original author. If any information is incorrect, please let me know. Also let me know if you think anything else should be added about Emacs.

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