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7. Remote Vi - MS Windows QVWM Manager

QVWM Window Manager is the best as it is very similar in appearance to Microsoft Windows. If you want to use Vi and Vim remotely from a MS Windows PC client, then you should use VNC + QVWM manager. Servers are generally located in remote Data Centers and to edit the files, you should first login to remote servers from MS Windows or Linux desktop PCs. After starting VNC server and QVWM manager on remote server, you should fire up vncviewer on your client desktop and edit remote files with gvim.

To use graphical editor like gvim for remote operations, use the following techniques below:

You can use the VNC to display remote machines on your local display.

Compiling qvwm on Solaris : On Solaris you should install the following packages which you can get from - xpm, imlib, jpeg, libungif, giflib (giftran), libpng, tiff. And you can download the binary package for solaris from

Or you can download the qvwm source for solaris from and compile it using gcc. If mainsite is busy use the mirror sites listed there. Click on the link "The latest version of qvwm is [ftp/http]" to download the source code.

Troubleshooting the compile:

For transferring files from Unix to MS Windows use the ftp clients like

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