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6. Other Software

6.1. The Pyrite Project

Pyrite Publisher is a tool to convert documents to and from the Doc format used by electronic books for the Palm PDA. Compressed zTXT files are also supported. Pyrite Publisher is written in Python, with an optional module in C for enhanced data compression performance.

The library used to communicate with the Palm is available separately, as python-libpisock. The library is a python binding for the pilot-unix libpisock library.

Pyrite is available from

6.2. MalSync

Malsync is a command line tool for synchronising Palm PDAs with the AvantGo server. AvantGo is a - well, you'll know what it is if you use it. Unfortunately the website is a masterpiece of marketspeak.

Malsync is available from

6.3. PalmPix Decoder

The PalmPix decoder extracts pictures from a PalmPix database. The PalmPix is a digital camera attachment for Palm PDAs.

The PalmPix decoder is available from

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