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A.3. A History of Palm OS devices.

This section is included unchanged from the original document. It's clearly out of date, and I'm not sure if it's worth keeping in. It's a bit offtopic for a Linux howto, and the effort of keeping it current seems a bit pointless. Instead I've added a section detailing devices that use the Palm operating system, and which therefore should work with the instructions in this HOWTO.

There are two versions of the Pilot. They are the 1000 and the 5000 and have 128k and 512k of RAM, respectively. They come with Palm OS 1.0 in ROM.

Then came two devices with the name PalmPilot. They are the PalmPilot Personal and the PalmPilot Professional and have 512k and 1 Meg of RAM, respectively. They also have a backlighting feature for the LCD panel and version 2.0 of the operating system. The Professional also comes with a TCP/IP stack and a few extra programs built-in.

IBM has released a rebadged version of the PalmPilot Professional, which they call a WorkPad.

Now we have the Palm III, which has a redesigned case and an infrared port, not to mention the 2 Meg of RAM and Palm OS 3.0.

There is an announced product from Qualcomm, called the pdQ smartphone, which is a cell phone that incorporates a Palm OS PDA. Don't get all excited about it yet, it will not be released until sometime in 1999.

It is possible to upgrade any Pilot by swapping out the memory card, which includes both RAM & ROM. Of course, this doesn't get you backlighting for the original Pilot series.

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