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6. Final Words

6.1 Useful Software

Now that you've managed to get Oracle installed, you'll want to try and use it. Although it's possible to do everything from your server PC, it's generally best to user the client-server facilities and use another machine to access your database.

Naturally Oracle have a large collection of, largely, pretty good client software, however there's not much for Linux at this time. Of the Oracle software, I recommend getting hold of the following:

But most of the best software comes from other places...

6.2 Useful Books

I seem to get most of my Oracle information from colleagues and books. I'm not able to give away my colleagues, but the books I recommend are as follows:

You'll note a bit of an O'Reilly theme there. I've not found a bad O'Reilly book yet. Similarly, I've never found a good Oracle Press book.

6.3 Useful Internet resources

There's a lot of useful stuff on the web.

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