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1. Introduction

1.1 Version History

1.2 Copyright

The Oracle Database HOWTO copyright (c) 1998, Paul Haigh.

Like all Linux HOWTO documents, this may be reproduced and distributed in whole or in part, in any medium, physical or electronic, so long as this copyright notice is retained on all copies.

Commercial redistribution is allowed and encouraged; however the author would like to be notified of such distributions. You may translate this HOWTO into any language whatsoever provided that you leave this copyright statement and disclaimer intact, and that you append a notice stating who translated the document.

1.3 Disclaimer

While I have tried to include the most correct and up to date information available to me, I cannot guarantee that usage of information in this document does not result in loss of data or equipment. I provide NO WARRANTY about the information in the HOWTO and I cannot be made liable for any consequences resulting from using the information in this HOWTO.

1.4 Aim of the HOWTO

In this HOWTO I will attempt to cover installation and basic admin of an Oracle database running on a Linux machine. In particular I will cover Oracle server installation, SQL*Net configuration and client configuration.

This document is not an in depth tutorial on using or administering an Oracle database, if that is what you are looking for there are great books on those subjects published by O'Reilly and others.

I am also not going to cover the development of Oracle programs under UNIX. If this is absolutley necessary to you then I would recommend that you purchase the SCO development system (with OpenServer 5.x) from SCO, which I am told can be obtained for a very reasonable US $19, from

1.5 Requirements

I am assuming a number of items that you will need for following the HOWTO.

1.6 News From Oracle Corporation

Oracle have bowed into pressure from the Linux community. Oracle Corporation have decided to officially support Oracle 8 on the Linux (i386) platform. This should be released in December 1998, according to the Oracle website.

Better still Oracle will also be porting Oracle Applications to the linux platform. This should be available in the first half of 1999, according to the Oracle website.


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