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7. Web resources

7.1 Webservers

The following webservers are relevant for Linux/MIPS developers.

This server covers most of Linux/MIPS. If you need something chances are it's already there.

This sites has MIPS own version of Linux/MIPS based distributions and tools for their processors and evaluation boards.

This is Debian's MIPS/Linux site.

This is Sony's Linux/MIPS server for the Playstation 2. Also in Japanese.

Bradley D. LaRonde's HowTo on building a cross toolchain for MIPS/Linux.

Jun Sun's porting guide has some useful information and tips for porting to new platforms.

7.2 Anonymous FTP servers.

The primary anonymous FTP servers for Linux/MIPS are

This server should satisfy almost all of your Linux/MIPS related ftp desires. Really.

This is the server of MIPS, Inc. itself. Among other things it offers a recent Redhat-based distribution and a support area for MIPS' evaluation boards.

Maciej W. Rozycki's FTP server.

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