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5. Toolchains

A toolchain is a complete collection of compiler and binutils programs and can be run either as a cross-compiler, or native on the target (if performance allows).

5.1 Algorithmics SDE

Not a complete distribution, just a Linux toolchain. But it's a toolchain built and maintained for MIPS with commercial support available, and free snapshots.

Algorithmics specialize in MIPS support and maintain our own source tree for the toolchain components. They resynchronize infrequently with mainstream GNU releases (which inevitably have bugs for minor architectures such as MIPS) and focus on providing the most reliable, best-performing compiler for the largest range of MIPS CPUs.

This is the same compiler which is at the heart of our SDE-MIPS embedded toolkit, and is fully supported for Linux kernel and application building from v5.0, out in mid 2002.

5.2 Commercial Embedded

See the section on commercial distributions - these all include appropriate toolchain deliverables.

5.3 H.J. Lu

H.J. Lu distributes a toolchain as part of his Red Hat 7.1 port. It can be found at

5.4 Maciej W. Rozycki

A stable set of toolchain components provided by Maciej can be downloaded from or the mirror. This is based on gcc 2.95.3 (patched) and up-to-date binutils.

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