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4. Distributions.

A distribution is a complete collection of kernel, user programs, toolchain and libraries necessary to get a system up and running. It may include an install procedure to get the files copied correctly onto the target storage device. See the READMEs on the links below for more information.

4.1 Commercial Embedded

See the section on commercial distributions.

4.2 RedHat 7.1 based

A complete distribution based on RedHat's 7.1, ported by H.J. Lu, can be found at

4.3 Maciej W. Rozyki

A little-endian only distribution is maintained by Maciej at or the mirror.

4.4 MIPS Technologies

MIPS maintain a version of the above, including complete installable CD-ROM images, at

4.5 Debian

A Debian distribution for both little and big endian machines can be found at At the time of writing (January 2002) we are using a 2.4 kernel; kernel code is shared with the ports being done by people from MIPS Technologies, Inc.).

4.6 Algorithmics

Algorithmics' kernels and a link to the MIPS userland can be found from a jump page at Algorithmics wrote the floating point trap handler and emulator used in this kernel - essential for MIPS CPUs to run floating point operations reliably and correctly.

Algorithmics also maintain a GNU toolchain and provide both free snapshots and a commercially supported version - worth thinking about for commercial Linux developments. You can contact Algorithmics at

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