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9.7. Creating a logical volume

Decide which physical volumes you want the logical volume to be allocated on, use 'vgdisplay' and 'pvdisplay' to help you decide.

To create a 1500MB linear LV named 'testlv' and its block device special '/dev/testvg/testlv':

# lvcreate -L1500 -ntestlv testvg

To create a 100 LE large logical volume with 2 stripes and stripesize 4 KB.

# lvcreate -i2 -I4 -l100 -nanothertestlv testvg

If you want to create an LV that uses the entire VG, use vgdisplay to find the "Total PE" size, then use that when running lvcreate.

# vgdisplay testvg | grep "Total PE"
Total PE              10230
# lvcreate -l 10230 testvg -n mylv
This will create an LV called mylv filling the testvg VG.

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