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8.1. Upgrading to LVM 1.0.6 with a non-LVM root partition

There are just a few simple steps to transition this setup, but it is still recommended that you backup your data before you try it. You have been warned.

  1. Build LVM kernel and modules

    Follow the steps outlined in Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 for instructions on how to get and build the necessary kernel components of LVM.

  2. Build the LVM user tools

    Follow the steps in Chapter 7 to build and install the user tools for LVM.

  3. Setup your init scripts

    Make sure you have the proper init scripts setup as per Chapter 6.

  4. Boot into the new kernel

    Make sure your boot-loader is setup to load the new LVM-enhanced kernel and, if you are using LVM modules, put an insmod lvm-mod into your startup script OR extend /etc/modules.conf (formerly /etc/conf.modules) by adding
     alias block-major-58      lvm-mod
         alias char-major-109      lvm-mod
    to enable modprobe to load the LVM module (don't forget to enable kmod).

    Reboot and enjoy.

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