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3.7. mapping modes (linear/striped)

The administrator can choose between a couple of general strategies for mapping logical extents onto physical extents:

  1. Linear mapping will assign a range of PE's to an area of an LV in order eg., LE 1 - 99 map to PV1 and LE 100 - 347 map onto PV2.

  2. Striped mapping will interleave the chunks of the logical extents across a number of physical volumes eg.,
1st chunk of LE[1] -> PV1[1],
    2nd chunk of LE[1] -> PV2[1],
    3rd chunk of LE[1] -> PV3[1],
    4th chunk of LE[1] -> PV1[2],
    and so on. In certain situations this strategy can improve the performance of the logical volume. Be aware however, that LVs created using striping cannot be extended past the PVs they were originally created on.

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