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14.1. Mail lists

Before you post to any of our lists please read the all of this document and check the archives to see if your question has already been answered. Please post in text only to our lists, fancy formated messages are near impossible to read if someone else is not running a mail client that understands it. Standard mailing list etiquette applies. Incomplete questions or configuration data make it very hard for us to answer your questions.

Subscription to all lists is accomplished through a web interface.

LVM Mailing Lists


This list is aimed at user-related questions and comments. You may be able to get the answers you need from other people who have the same issues. Open discussion is encouraged. Bug reports should be sent to this list, although technical discussion regarding the bug's fix may be moved to the lvm-devel list.


This is the development list for LVM. It is intended to be an open discussion on bugs, desired features, and questions about the internals of LVM. Feel free to post anything relevant to LVM or logical volume managers in general. We wish this to be a fairly high volume list.


This list gets messages automatically whenever someone commits to the cvs tree. Its main purpose is to keep up with the cvs tree.


This list is rarely used anymore. Bugs should be sent to the linux-lvm list.

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