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5.1. Building a patch for your kernel

In order to patch the linux kernel to support LVM 1.0.6, you must do the following:

  1. Unpack LVM 1.0.6

 # tar zxf lvm_1.0.6.tar.gz 
  2. Enter the root directory of that version.

 # cd LVM/1.0.6 
  3. Run configure

 # ./configure 

    You will need to pass the option --with-kernel_dir to configure if your linux kernel source is not in /usr/src/linux. (Run ./configure --help to see all the options available)

  4. Enter the PATCHES directory

 # cd PATCHES 
  5. Run 'make'

# make 

    You should now have a patch called lvm-1.0.6-$KERNELVERSION.patch in the patches directory. This is the LVM kernel patch referenced in later sections of the howto.

  6. Patch the kernel

 # cd /usr/src/linux ; patch -pX < /directory/lvm-1.0.6-$KERNELVERSION.patch 

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