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Chapter 5. Building the kernel module

Table of Contents
5.1. Building a patch for your kernel
5.2. Building the LVM module for Linux 2.2.17+
5.3. Building the LVM modules for Linux 2.4
5.4. Checking the proc file system

To use LVM you will have to build the LVM kernel module (recommended), or if you prefer rebuild the kernel with the LVM code statically linked into it.

Your Linux system is probably based on one of the popular distributions (eg., Redhat, Debian) in which case it is possible that you already have the LVM module. Check the version of the tools you have on your system. You can do this by running any of the LVM command line tools with the '-h' flag. Use pvscan -h if you don't know any of the commands. If the version number listed at the top of the help listing is LVM 1.0.6, use your current setup and avoid the rest of this section.

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