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3.17. Connection via Serial Cable

For some reasons it may be useful to connect via serial cable instead of using a real infrared link. Bjorn Hanson wrote: "Using a cable, I managed to get a PPP connection through my Ericsson SH888. I did the following (maybe some steps are wrong but they worked for me :-)

Everything worked fine for ping and ssh (doing ls -l a couple of times) but the computer hang when I tried to mail (Netscape) this through that PPP. After reboot I tried both Netscape and lynx. Both were able to establish contact but none got any data."

Another way by Claudiu Costin:

This has to be done for both machines.

Please note this is not the recommended stuff to connect two machines. Use PPP instead. Though I cannot see how this approach is useful I have included it beause it was asked sometimes in the mailing list.

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