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3.5. Palm III Connection - IrCOMM

Wessel de Roode wrote: The Palmpilot is default locked on 57k. You can however if you write your own software for the Pilot, use the 115k line settings. I quote a part from the irlib.h:

---------- irlib.h from the SDK 3.0 from palmpilot -----
// Options values for IrOpen
#define irOpenOptBackground     0x80000000   // Unsupported background task use
#define irOpenOptSpeed115200    0x0000003F   // sets max negotiated baud rate
#define irOpenOptSpeed57600     0x0000001F   // default is 57600
#define irOpenOptSpeed9600      0x00000003
Peter Pregler reported: If the Palm enters the range of the irda-device a popup appears with the text "Transmission: waiting for sender"

Ron Choy answered: There is a software called ShutupIR that is supposed to help with this problem of annoying popup I haven't tried it but it looks like it would fix your problem.

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