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3.14. Multiple Instances

Dag Brattli wrote: "The IrLAP layer has been enhanced to allow more than one instance (so I can use IrLAN on my built-in ir-port, and communicate with the Pilot over the IrDA dongle at the same time) ... So how do you make two Linux/IrDA connections? Well, you just fire up irattach for each of the IrDA ports you have like this:

irattach /dev/ttyS0         # (my ESI dongle)
irattach /dev/ttyS2         # (my builtin IrDA port)
Also work with FIR devices like this :

irattach irda0 -s
irattach irda1 -s
They will not see each other if you run them on the same machine, since they will initiate discovery exactly at the same time. You should however be able to use them against two other laptops. I can run a dongle, builtin IrDA port and a IrDA PCMCIA card at the same time with three other IrDA devices without any problems.

You should notice that if the devices can interfere with each other then it might be difficult to obtain a connection, since a device is not allowed to transmit if the media is busy. I sometimes have to put a book between them."

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