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5.2. Mailing List

You are welcome to use the Linux-IrDA mailing list for posting questions, answers, bug-reports, patches, suggestions and comments about Linux-IrDA. Please note that mailinglist doesn't accept mail from non-subscribers. This is to provide high signal-noise ratio and avoid spam. For subscribing and unsubscribing point your browser to irda-users and here you will find Linux-IrDA mailing list control page. Read on "Subscribing to Linux-IrDA" section and fill email address field and password field (twice). Then press "Subscribe" button. You can also browse the list-archive to view previous postings at Geocrawler . Since August 1999 the archiv of the former mailing list is located at Linux-IrDA mailing list archiv . All mails before are archived here . Both archives are old and considered erratic, don't use them anymore.

To post a message to all the list members, send email to <>. Before asking questions consider this as a last ressort after reading the documentation and searching Google or the search engine of your choice. Please check the archive for answers to your questions also. It will be much easier quicker to help you, if you provide some information. Please include the output of:

uname -a
cat /proc/net/irda/discovery
setserial -g -a /dev/ttyS*
and of course any error messages, and the relevant parts of dmesg. Please make also sure you provide some information about IrDA support in the BIOS and the Linux distribution you are using.

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