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3.11. Digital Camera Connection

Markus Schill wrote: "Great that there are also other people who are interested in using the SONY DSC-F1 IR adapter under linux. Up to now I have only toyed around with the linux-irda software and the serial IR adapter from PuMa Technologies that came with the camera. This is the status. I am using linux 2.0.33 and the latest linux-irda... If I use:

modprobe irda
modprobe irtty
irattach /dev/ircomm0
the adapter starts talking to the camera. /var/log/messages says that SONY-DSC-F1 was found, but no service is started. (Please note, this probably doesn't apply to the 2.2.x kernel versions of Linux/IrDA, [WH]).

There are two programs for linux available that can be used for the communication with the camera via cable: (1) chotplay and (2) stillgrab. They both take a tty as commandline option, so I guess that they should work if the irtty layer of the protocol stack works correctly ... I have not looked at anything in the linux-irda code, yet!). I am not sure whether I understand the stack but shouldn't the irtty make the thing look like a normal tty? What service should be started. "

Dag Brattli wrote: "I'm not sure which application level protocol the camera uses, but it is possible that it implements the IrDA(TM) Infrared Transfer Picture Specification (IrTran-P). If you take a look at IrTran protocol , you will see that it is a protocol which is implemented above IrCOMM (not IrTTY!). IrTTY is something we use just to be able to talk to the Linux serial driver. "

The Kodak-Digital-Camera-HOWTO by David Burley now describes how to get IrDA working and implemented to get communications and to use the DigitalOS camera's with Linux and IrDA.

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