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B. About this Document

This document must be distributed under the terms of GNU Free Documentation License, which makes him sufficiently free. Everybody in invited to contribute to his content and ideas.

Copyright 2002, Avi Alkalay.

This document is published in the following locations:

It was written originally in brazilian portuguese, and then translated to english. SGML and the more-then-incredible DocBook was used, that made possible this document being distributed in other formats, found in website.

It got ready (potuguese+english) in mid march 2002. Everything changed after this epoch is cosmetics.

I wrote it to help commercial companies and OpenSource developers make plug-and-play, easy-to-use software for Linux, and this way improve Linux usability and popularity.

All concepts (from a high level perspective) described here, can be used in any UNIX flavor, or even other OS, like Windows. Maybe some day I'll write one of these for Windows....or Mac....

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