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6. Applications

6.1 Vim

6.2 Hebrew pine and pico

The pine and it's additional editor pico had been changed by Helen Zommer from CC-huji and has a bug-report mail: It can be down-loaded from

6.3 Some emacs Hebrew ports.

6.4 Dosemu

For a VC dosemu you can use your Hebrew from the Video card EPROM, and if you don't have it there are plenty of Hebrew dos fonts from EGA support to the VGA Hebrew support.

For X-Windows support you should download the file: it's contain some fonts include one called vgah.pcf that you should install it on your fonts directory as describe above the fonts are:

6.5 XHTerm

There is a main port of the regular X-Term program for use with a Hebrew fonts - XHTerm = xterm + Hebrew support. The port for a sun machine was made avalible by the help of Danny <tt></tt>. Evgeny has some patch for use this port under Linux. His version should come with a pre-compiled XHTerm for both X11R5 and X11R6. You should use xhterm with the option -fn and a Hebrew font as described! Danny's port (for SUN) can be obtained from: and the patched version of Evgeny Stambulchik is on: Get it from there and you'll get 5 fonts with it: [heb10x20.pcf, heb6x13.bdf, heb6x13.pcf, heb8x13.bdf, heb8x13.pcf]

6.6 TeX--XeT - Hebrew Tex.

The bigest problem with Tex with Hebrew is that the charecters should go backwards relative to Visual look (i.e. pico inserts the charecters from right to left), so the best thing is to get XHterm with a regular emacs and write the Hebrew left to right, backwards as well.

The newer NTeX distribution on sunsite (v1.5) includes everything, including TeX--XeT, precompiled for Linux. It can be obtained from An older version of TeX--XeT can be obtained from This older version, however, has to be recompiled (not recommended).

These TeX distributions are fine if you use LaTeX2.09. If you want to use LaTeX2e (the current de facto standard) you have a problem. Alon Ziv ( is currently working in support for LaTeX2e with Hebrew, using the Babel languages system. I don't know the current status of his work -- ask him!

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