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5. Installing the GCC

Let us begin with the preliminaries. I assume that you have down loaded the source code of GCC. The different steps of installation of GCC are given with it. But I add it here for completeness.

Like most GNU software GCC must be configured before it is built. Let the GCC source code be in a directory called 'srcdir'. Create a new directory 'objdir' where the GCC is to be built. Create one more directory called 'local' where the tools will be accumulated. Let our current directory be /home/name. Now we have /home/name/srcdir, /home/name/objdir and /home/name/local.

To configure GCC use the command

cd objdir

/home/name/srcdir/configure --prefix=/home/name/local/ 

When we complete the creation of our language add one more option,


where demo is the new language we are going to develop. The second step required is the building process. It is accomplished with the command

make bootstrap-lean

The last step is the final installation procedure. It is done with the command

make install

We can start our procedure of developing a new language.

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