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Finnish HOWTO

Ari Mkel


Revision History
Revision v.2.0.162002-11-27Revised by: am
Red Hat 8 UTF-8 support.
Revision v.2.0.152002-05-09Revised by: am
Added a DocBook XSL tag - because I want to try AxKit on Finnish HOWTO page.
Revision v.2.0.142002-05-03Revised by: am
Less obscure description of dead keys in X.
Revision v.2.0.132002-04-09Revised by: am
Less obscure description of LC_MESSAGES. Fixed an XML structure error in the locales table. Fixed the forgotten bookinfo date.
Revision v2.0.122002-04-06Revised by: am
More irc stuff. Added set convert-meta off to readline section. Updated Debian specific information to Debian 3.0. More keymap stuff. Removed Red Hat 5.2 stuff. Changed the example locales to fi_FI@euro. Added KDE, Gnome and Emacs to the Euro section. Added fi_FI@euro to the elm section. Added the Debian 3.0 way of locales to the locales section.
Revision v2.0.112002-02-24Revised by: am
More Euro-support links, updated the KDE link. Added "convert-meta off" to bash.
Revision v2.0.102001-10-04Revised by: am
Fixed emacsen on console.
Revision v2.0.92001-10-04Revised by: am
Fixed title of elm-ME+ title from elm to elm-ME+
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Corrected the erraneous revhistory order.
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Fixed a typo in euro support.
Revision v2.0.62001-09-26Revised by: am
Added euro support.
Revision v2.0.52001-09-14Revised by: am
Fixed locale example. Fixed some typos. Fixed some mark-up errors. Added irc and elm-me+
Revision v2.0.42001-07-18Revised by: am
Completely rewritten.


This document describes how to localize GNU/Linux for Finnish users and is intended to replace Pekka Taipale's original Finnish-HOWTO which has not been updated for some time. This document derives from original Finnish HOWTO and more importantly from the Danish-HOWTO by Niels Kristian Bech Jensen.

Language of the HOWTO is Finnish. Non-Finnish users should consult Danish HOWTO which is not in Danish but in English.

Table of Contents
1. Johdanto
1.1. Mik on HOWTO?
1.2. Mit tm dokumentti ei ksittele?
1.3. Tekijnoikeuksista ja kopioinnista
1.4. Tekstin esitystavasta
1.5. Kiitokset
2. Nppimistasetukset
2.1. Merkist
3. UTF-8
3.1. Red Hat 8.0
3.2. Debian GNU/Linux ja UTF-8
4. Nytn ja ohjelmien asetukset
4.1. Locale-asetukset
4.2. Euro-merkki
4.3. Merkit, joita voidaan nytt GNU/Linuxissa
4.4. Ohjelmakohtaiset merkistasetukset
4.5. Tekstitiedostoformaatit muilla alustoilla
5. Lokaalituki glibc2:ssa ja uudemmissa
5.1. Yleiset asetukset
5.2. Debian ja lokaalit
List of Tables
5-1. Lokaalit

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