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Al Dev (Alavoor Vasudevan) alavoor[AT]

v12.5, 17 Feb 2002

CPU is the "brain" of computer and is a very vital component of computer system and is like a "cousin brother" of operating system (Linux or Unix). This document helps companies, businesses, universities and research institutes to design, build and manufacture CPUs. Also the information will be useful for university students of U.S.A and Canada who are studying computer science/engineering. The document has URL links which helps students understand how a CPU is designed and manufactured. Perhaps in near future there will be a GNU/GPLed CPU running Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and BeOS operating systems!!

1. Introduction

2. What is IP ?

3. CPU Museum and Silicon Zoo

4. CPU Design and Architecture

5. Fabrication, Manufacturing CPUs

6. Super Computer Architecture

7. Linux Super Computers

8. Neural Network Processors

9. Related URLs

10. Other Formats of this Document

11. Copyright

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