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2. Installing BCPP

To install BCPP

Unpacking bcpp:
        tar zxvf bcpp.tar.gz

Building bcpp:
        cd code
        cp bcpp ~/local/bin/
        cp bcpp.cfg ~/local/bin

        bcpp -h  or bcpp -?

Recommended: Always use spaces instead of tabs in indenting during beautifying.
Use the option -s so that the code looks the same in all types of editors like vi,
emacs, MS DOS edit, Notepad, Wordpad etc..

        bcpp -s *.cpp
In Solaris, you can also use:
        ls *.cpp | xargs -I{} -t bcpp -s {}
in Linux, you can also use:
        ls *.cpp | xargs -i{} -t bcpp -s {}

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