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Alexander Mikhailian,

v.0.1.5, 25 February 2001

Short guide in setting up Belarusian language support in Linux console, X Window System, web-browsers, text editors, etc. Charsets used in the setup are either windows-1251 or iso-8859-5. Belarusian characters can also be found in koi8-ub, koi8-c, koi8-ru and, of course, Unicode. Although this HOWTO is Linux-specific, many advices are applicable to other UNIX-like systems.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. History
1.3. New Versions
1.4. Copyright
1.5. Acknowledgements and Thanks
2. System-wide setup
2.1. Choosing Charset
2.2. windows-1251 in the kernel
2.3. ISO-8859-5 in the kernel
2.4. Setting locale
2.5. Belarusian in console
2.6. Belarusian in X Window System
3. Editing texts
3.1. Emacs
3.2. Spell-checking
3.3. TeX
4. Browsers
4.1. Netscape
4.2. Lynx
5. Mailers
5.1. Netscape Messenger
5.2. Mutt
6. Further support

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