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1.6. Translations

It has proven quite difficult for me to keep track of the people who are translating this HOWTO. This list is out of date and incomplete: I include it for what it's worth, knowing that some of the links will always be broken.

If you are working on a translation, please notify me - especially if it's available at a linkable URL. Thanks.

Chinese: translation in progress by Allen Huang . I will include a URL when I have it.

Dutch: translation is in progress by Ellen Bokhorst , and it is available at

German: translation is in progress by Thomas Keil, .

Italian: by Daniel Dui, , available at

Japanese:, provided by Akira Endo, . As of January 2000, This web site seems to be down, and Akira's e-mail doesn't work. I hope that they will resurface.

Norwegian: translation in progress by Sigmund Kyrre еs . It will be available at

Portuguese: translation is in progress by MАrio Gamito, .

Spanish: translation by Iosu SanturtЗn at

Many thanks to all of them! URLs will be included as they're available.

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