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1.8. Credits/Bibliography

In producing this document, I have borrowed heavily from the work of the Bashprompt project at (this site has been removed from its server as of July 2001 but Robert Current, the admin, assures me it will reappear soon). Other sources used include the xterm Title mini-HOWTO by Ric Lister, available at, Ansi Prompts by Keebler, available at (now deceased), How to make a Bash Prompt Theme by Stephen Webb, available at, and X ANSI Fonts by Stumpy, available at

Also of immense help were several conversations and e-mails from Dan, who used to work at Georgia College & State University, whose knowledge of Unix far exceeds mine. He's given me several excellent suggestions, and ideas of his have led to some interesting prompts.

Three books that have been very useful while programming prompts are Linux in a Nutshell by Jessica Heckman Perry (O'Reilly, 3rd ed., 2000), Learning the Bash Shell by Cameron Newham and Bill Rosenblatt (O'Reilly, 2nd ed., 1998) and Unix Shell Programming by Lowell Jay Arthur (Wiley, 1986. This is the first edition, the fourth came out in 1997).

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