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14. About the document

Feel free to make suggestions/corrections, or whatever you think it would be interesting to see in this document. I'll try to update it as soon as I can.

14.1 (no) warranty

This documents comes with no warranty of any kind. and all that

14.2 Translations

Italian: by William Ghelfi (wizzy at is here

French: by Laurent Martelli is missed

Korean: Minseok Park

Korean: Chun Hye Jin unknown

Spanish: unknow

I guess there are more translations, but I don't have any info of them, if you have it, please, mail it to me so I update this section.

14.3 Thanks to

14.4 History

New translations included and minor correcitons.

Added the section usefull commands re-writen by Kess.

More corrections and suggestions incorporated.

Samples added on string comparison.

v0.8 droped the versioning, I guess the date is enought.

v0.7 More corrections and some old TO-DO sections written.

v0.6 Minor corrections.

v0.5 Added the redirection section.

v0.4 disapperd from its location due to my ex-boss and thid doc found it's new place at the proper url:

prior: I don't rememeber and I didn't use rcs nor cvs :(

14.5 More resources

Introduction to bash (under BE)

Bourne Shell Programming

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