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2. Requirements

You'll have to download and compile several packages. This HOWTO will explain the compilation process, but you should be fimiliar with installing from source code.

2.1. Basics

You will need a machine running Solaris and GNU CC compiler. This compiler is available from If you need any help installing the compiler please email me. If your OS doesnt already have gzip, you will need that as well. You can d/l gzip from as well.

Also create a directory /tmp/downloads . We will use this directory to store the downloaded source code.

2.2. Apache 1.3.x

Apache is the HTTP server, it will be used to provide the WebDAV services. Please download the Apache 1.3.x source code from

2.3. OpenSSL

You will need to download the OpenSSL from . Please download the latest version. OpenSSL installation will be used for SSL libraries for compiling mod_ssl with Apache, and for managing SSL certificates on the WebServer. Please download the OpenSSL source code gzipped file into /tmp/downloads

2.4. OpenLDAP

Download the OpenLDAP source code from We will OpenLDAP for the LDAP lib files. You may also use IPlanet LDAP lib files. However GNU packages are recommended.

2.5. mod_dav

mod_dav will be used to enable DAV support in Apache. Download the source code for mod_dav from

To find out more about mod_dav please visit

2.6. mod_auth_ldap

mod_auth_ldap will be used for compiling LDAP support into Apache. Please download mod_auth_ldap from

2.7. mod_ssl

mod_ssl will be used to enable SSL support in Apache, please download the mod_ssl source code from

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