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comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 3/3)

Archive-name: compression-faq/part3
Last-modified: Feb 7th, 1996

This file is part 3 of a set of Frequently Asked Questions for the
groups comp.compression and comp.compression.research.

If you did not get part 1 or 2, you can get them at or

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Part 3: (Long) list of image compression hardware

[85] Image compression hardware
[99] Acknowledgments

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Subject: [85] Image compression hardware

Here is a list of sources of image compression hardware (JPEG, MPEG,
H.261 and others), reposted with the author's permission.  The list is
certainly dated already, but it is a good starting point for
seeking compression chips. (Please send corrections/additions to
jloup at References are taken from:

   John J. Bloomer,, Fathy F. Yassa, Aiman A. Abdel-Malek
   General Electric Corporate R&D, KWC317 Signals and Systems Laboratory
   PO Box 8, Schenectady NY, 12301

(Too many people have sent comments, corrections or additions so I am
just making a common acknowledgment here.)

[Check also:       Tech-Online's catalog       C-Cube Microsystems  DCP Research Corp      FutureTel

 Pipelined Processors, Building Blocks (Chip Sets)

STI3200, IMSA121, STI3208 - SGS-Thompson DCT processors.  602-867-6200
	- 3200 has multiple block size options, DC to 13.5 MHz
	- A121 8x8 fixed blocks, DC to 20MHz, add/sub loop, CCITT compatible
	- 3208 8x8 fixed blocks, DC to 40MHz, CCITT compatible at 20MHz

STI3220 - SGS-Thompson motion estimator (H.261, MPEG).  602-867-6279
	- 8-bit input pixels, 4-bit H and V vectors out
	- adjustable block size matcher (8x8, 8x16, 16x16)
	- +7/-8 search window
	- 5V, 2W at 18MHz (max), 68 pin PLCC

L64765 , L64735 , L64745 - 3-chip LSI Logic JPEG set.
    408-433-8000, 800-433-8778
	- L64765 raster-to-block and color-space converter, jointly developed
          with Rapid Tech.
	- L64735 block DCT processor
	- L64745 JPEG coder support, stand-alone lossless DPCM codec, dynamic
	- 27 MB/s on CCIR601 frames
	- minimal support logic, color and gray scale
	- 68-pin PGA or PLCC, 27 and 20 MHz versions

L647*0 and L6471* families - LSI Logic H.621/MPEG pieces.  408-433-8000
	- L64720 motion estimator, 30/40MHz, 8x8, 16x16 blocks, 32x32 or 16x16 
          search window, 68-pin CPGA or PPGA
	- L64730 & 735 8x8 DCT processors (12 & 8-9 bits)
	- L64740 8x8 block quantization
	- L64760 intra/inter-frame coding decision
	- L64715 BCH error correction
	- L64750/L64751 variable length encode/decode (H.261-specific)

ZR36020 and ZR36031 - Zoran DCT processor & quantization/encoding. 408-986-1314
	- JPEG-like scheme using 16-bit, two's complement fixed point
	- includes bit-rate controls for constant # of pictures per card
	- 7.4 MHz, < 1W, 20mW in standby mode, 7.5 frames/s (f/s)
	- 36020 - 44-pin plastic quad flatpack (PQFP) or 48-pin ceramic DIP
	- 36031 - 100-pin PQFP or 85-pin PGA.
	- co-developments with Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. digital IC-card
          camera market

	Does 2-passes of image: generate histogram for optimum Huffman
	tables and quantization compute step size (ala H.261 and
	MPEG-I) for each macroblock or minimum coded unit (MCU).

	JPEG-compatible codec expected soon.

LDM3104  - Olympus DCT coefficient encoder
	- constant rate, digital IC-card camera market
	- 750 mW, 25 mW standby, 100-poin QFP

TMC2312 - TRW quantizer/Huffman encoder, TMC2313 Huffman decoder/dequantizer

TMC2311 - TRW CMOS Fast Cosine Transform Processor.  
	- 12 Bits, 15 M pixels/s
	- complies with the CCITT SGXV ( e.g. JPEG, H.261 and MPEG )
	- includes an adder-subtractor for linear predictive coding

MN195901 - Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.   See ISSCC 1992
	- 16-bit, 60 MIP video signal processor
	- 25 uS instruction processing
	- on-board DCT and absolute differencing
	- Philips Signetics US fab.

HGCT - Ricoh CRC, Generalized Chen Transform demonstration chip.
	- 2D JPEG/MPEG/H.261 compatible DCT
	- includes quantization
	- 30MHz, 15K gates
	- licensing possible

GCTX64000 - Graphic Communication Technology Corp. chipset
	- provides CCITT H.261
	- VLSI Technology and Hitachi supply H.261 codec core. 1 micron CMOS.

BT - British Telecommunications  plc., Martlesham labs designed
	- H.261 codec chipset, Motorola fab.
	- 13 chips total for codec.

 Pipelined Processors, Monolithic, Programmable

Vision Processor - Integrated Information Technology Inc. 408-727-1885
	- generic DCT, motion compensated & entropy coding codec
	- microcode for still- and motion-video compression (JPEG, H.261 and
	- 1 micron CMOS, 20 MHz and 33 MHz, PGA and 84-pin QFP  
	- JPEG only and JPEG/H/261/MPEG versions available, H.261 at 30 f/s.  
	- used by Compression Labs, Inc. CDV teleconferencing system
	- rumored to be the heart of the AT&T picture phone

MN195901 - Matsushita Electric Industrial Corp
	- 40 MHz DSP, built-in DCT
	- 16-bit fixed-point

AVP1000 -  AT&T  JPEG, MPEG and H.261 codec chipset.  800-372-2447
	- 1400D decoder, 1400C system controller
	- 1300E H.261 (CIF, QCIF, CIF240) at 30 f/s, I-frame only MPEG.
	- 1400E is superset of 1300E, motion with 1/2 pixel resolution over +/-
          32 pixels
	- YCbCr video or digital input, on-board rate FIFOs, external RAM
	- 0.75 micron, 50 MHz CMOS

	AVP1000 is from AT&T Microelectronics.  The AT&T chip set
	handles MPEG-1, H.261, and JPEG.  1400D has on board color
	space convertor.  Limited to 4Mb/s coded rate.  The DSP does
	the MUSICAM decoding (up to layer II ?)

82750PB, 82750DB - Intel DVI  pixel and display YUV color space processors.
	- proprietary machine code employed for compression
	- usable for other algorithms (e.g., JPEG, H.261 or MPEG1 at reduced
          data rates)

 Pipelined Processors, Monolithic, Fixed Lossless - Entropy Coders, DPCM, VQ

DCP - Integrated Information Tech. Inc. Data Compressor Processor  408-727-1885
	- LZ codec with on-chip dictionary store
	- on-chip buffers supporting block moves
	- targeting disk drives and network controller markets
	- 3.3V, 84-pin PQFP

Mystic - HP's DC-LZ codec.  408-749-9500

AHA3210 - Advanced Hardware Architectures DC-LZ codec. 509-334-1000
	- two independent DMA ports for 10 MB/s compress, decompress &
	- addressing allows up to 16 MB record compression
	- 20 MHz internal clock, 200 mW, 100-pin PQFP
	- interface to AHA5101/5121 QIC tape controller/formatter
	- HP licensee

AHA3xxx/xxy - Rice (UNC) algorithm, 20M samples/sec, 4 to 14 bits. 208-883-8000

CRM1000 - CERAM Inc. entropy codec, proprietary algorithm.  719-540-8500

Rice - UNC algorithm prototype, 180 Mb/s.  See IEEE CICC 1992
	- other CICC 1992 papers:
	   +JS.E. Kerneny differential read, pyramidal output CCD
  	   + A. Aggoun DPCM processing

DCD - Philips Data Compressor Decompressor IC. 914-945-6000
	- See CICC 1990 proceedings, H. Blume,
	- LZ codec, 20 MHz clock
	- Internal FIFOs, separate input/output buses, max 10 Mword/s data in
	- 5 V CMOS, 175-pin PGA

9705 - Second generation Stac Electronics accelerator chip.  619-431-7474
	- Stacker LZA compression scheme(LZ-based)
	- compress at approx. 2.5 MB/s, decompress at 6 MB/s (39+ faster than
	- standby mode 300uA
	- embedded in tapes and disks (e.g., QIC-122 Ten X Technology
	- file compression board & software:
	    + for the PC/AT - from Stac
	    + for the Macintosh - from Sigma Design 415-770-0100 (40 MHz 9703)
	- InfoChip Systems Inc. - proprietary string-matching technology

VCEP or OTI95C71/Am95C71 - Oak Technology Inc. 408-737-0888
	- AMD CCITT B&W fax image compression

 Pipelined Processors, Monolithic, Fixed Lossy

MB86356B - Fujitsu LTD.
	- JPEG DIS 10918-1 baseline  codec
	- on-chip quantizer tables
	- 2.5M pixel/sec input, up to 10MB/sec output
	- supports progressive and DPCM lossless modes 
	- 135 pin PGA.

CL550-30 - C-Cube Microsystems 408-944-6300,
	- JPEG-8-R2 compliant baseline codec
	- 350-level pipeline, on-chip Huffman and quantizer table
	- 44.1 MB/sec (15 MB/sec for -10)
	- RGB, YUV, CMYK supported, CCIR 601 in real-time
	- 16/32-bit host interface 
	- 144 pin PGA or QFP, 2.5W at 29.41 MHz

	Limited to 2MB/sec (15Mb/s) coded rate.  35MHz PGA version
	available.  2:1 horizontal filter, on board programmable color
	space convertor.  Allows on pair of quantization tables to be
	loaded while other pair is used to code or decode data stream.
	Needs maintanence by host.

STI140 - SGS-Thompson JPEG baseline codec.  617-259-0300 [** Now cancelled **]
	- see CICC 1991 proceedings, M. Bolton.
	- 20 Mpixel/sec input, up to 20 MB/sec output
	- supports 24-bit color, 8-bit grey and 12-bit extended pixels
	- on chip Huffman and quantizer tables
	- 144 pin PQFP, 5V, < 2W., 10mW power-down mode
	- 1.2 micron, 3-layer metal CMOS, 20 MHz.	`

UVC7710 - UVC Corp. Integrated Multimedia Processor. Was 714-261-5336, out
          of business now.
	- proprietary, patented intra-frame compression, on-chip code tables
	- 20-35:1, 12.5 Mpixels/sec., compressed audio
	- includes much of the PC-AT (16-bit ISA) bus interface logic
	- 128 pin PJQFP plastic

CL950 - C-Cube/JVC implementation of the MPEG-JVC or extended mode MPEG2 
        announced.  6-9 Mb/sec.

	JVC mode is not MPEG-II compliant (there isn't an MPEG2 standard yet)
	but is an extension of MPEG1 at a higher rate plus interlace video

CL450 - Announced June 1992.  Scaled down version of CL950, with 3Mb/sec
        limit.  Does not code or decode JPEG, only MPEG-I decoding.

CD-I - ASICs planned for CD-ROM, Compact Disk-Interactive defacto standards
	- CD-ROM XA - Sony-Philips-Motorola-Microsoft
	- CDTV -  Commodore.  YUV processing.
	- audio ADPCM encode/decode PC/AT boards available from Sony

Motorola MCD250 Full Motion Video Decoder.   512-928-5053.
    This is a CD-I MPEG Video decoder which requires only a single
    4Mbit DRAM for FMV decoding. Decodes System and Video Layers
    at up to 5Mbits/sec, converts from 24/25/30 fps IPB streams to
    25/30 fps output video in 24bit RGB/YUV format. Supports extra
    CD-I functions such as windowing and still picture mode.
    Targetted at low cost consumer applications such as CD-I,
    CD-Karaoke, Video-CD and cable TV.

Motorola MCD260 MPEG Audio Host Interface and DSP56001-33.  512-928-5053.
    The MCD260 is a low cost interface IC which goes between a 68K
    bus and a DSP56K and strips out the MPEG System Layer whilst also
    buffering and synchronising. A 33MHz 56001 with 8Kwords of DSPRAM
    decodes the MPEG Audio (Layer 1/II @ 44.1KHz, all modes and bit rates)

Pixel Magic PM-2. Contact: Don Shulsinger, Pixel Magic, 508-688-4410.
- JBIG compression/decompression at 30 Mb/s (typical and worst-case)
- G3/G4 compression/decompression at 90 Mb/s (typical), 30 Mb/s (worst-case)
- scaling on decode from 1/256 to 256X
- rotation by 90 degrees
- clipping to a window and padding out to another
- lookup table filtering on 3x3 neighborhoods
- on-chip FIFOs on input and output
- bookmarking for suspend/resume

 Codecs Chips Under Development

MPEG1 codec chips due from - TI, Brooktree, Cypress Semiconductor, Motorola 
(successor to the DSP96002 Multimedia Engine), Xing Technology/Analog Devices, 
Sony and C-Cube

Windbond Electronics Corp. is developing a DSP chip for CD-I, MPEG and JPEG

 Using these Chips: Board Level Compression Hardware

+ JPEG Using CL550

+ JPEG Using Other Chip Sets

+ DSP Chip Based JPEG/MPEG Solutions

+ Integrated Compressed Digital Video Boards 

 JPEG Using CL550
C-Cube - 408-944-6300 ISA and NuBus boards 
	- for development and limited time-constraint applications
	- 1-2.5 MB/sec host bus constraints
	- Image Compression Interface (ISI) software for 3rd party CL550

VideoSpigot/SuperSqueeze - SuperMac Technology  408 541-6100
	- a CL550A on a NuBus board
	- 24 frame/s with CD-quality audio
	- reads from Winchester and magneto-optic drives

Fluency VSA-1000 - Fluent Machines, Inc. AT board set.  508 626-2144
	- compress/decompress real-time synced audio & video to a i386 PC
	- NTSC or PAL input, 320x240 pixels saved
	- uses i960 chip, no additional boards needed
	- M/S Windows support, 3rd party S/W (e.g., AimTech 603-883-0220)

Super Motion Compression - New Media Graphics  PC/AT board.  800 288-2207
	- 8Khz, 8-bit compressed audio
	- 30 f/s JPEG to & from disk
	- earlier reports: still-frame compression in several seconds per MB

Leadview  - Lead Tech Inc. AT board uses the CL550 to compress/decompress
            JFIF or JTIF format files

Monalisa - Opta Inc. AT board uses the CL550

Squeeze - Rapid Technology AT board
	- Integrated by a number of vendors into 3rd party multimedia,
          video-editing PC stations

Parallax Graphics - SBus, VME and PC-AT boards.  408-727-2220 or

Chips and Technologies - JPEG development kit due.

Image Manipulation Systems, Inc - SBus compression/framebuffer/video I/O boards
	800-745-5602 or

 JPEG Using Other Chipsets

Visionary - Rapid Technology JPEG AT board.  716-833-8534
	-  LSI Logic JPEG chips L647-35, -45 & -65
	- 30 f/s motion JPEG
	- 256x240 pixel compression and display from CCIR-601 input
	- private codec-frame buffer bus
	- also integrated with TrueVision multimedia hardware

Media 100  - Data Translation nonlinear video production system for the
          Macintosh  (QuickTime).  22 MB/s (PAL) and 18MB/s (NTSC) throughput.

Alice - Telephoto Communications Inc. 619-452-0903
	- Alice-H350 (PC/AT) and -H365 (PS/2) codec boards
	- use a 40 MHz TMS320C51 DSP and a IMSA121 DCT processor chip
	- JPEG (lossy and lossless), CCITT G3/G4, color and grey-scale images

Xing Technology - Hardware accelerator. or 805-473-0145
	- compatible with their VT-Express JPEG Turbo Accelerator Software

Video/1 - PsiTech Inc. 714-968-7818
	- includes a 6U VME/VSB JPEG Processing Card 
	- compresses RS-170, NTSC, PAL or Secam video into 8 MB of on-board RAM

 DSP Chip Based JPEG/MPEG Solutions

Optipac - Optivision Inc. PC/AT, ISA & VME codecs.  800-562-8934
	- JPEG (lossless and lossy), CCITT III/IV
	- 1 to 5 TMS32C025s
	- 512x400x16-bit images in < 1 sec.

XCeed ICDP-II - Micron Technology Inc. NuBus card
	- uses two AT&T Microelectronics DSP-16 DSP chips
	- driven by Storm Technologies PicturePress software
	- executes an enhanced JPEG algorithm at near-realtime.

PicturePress Accelerator - Storm Technology 415-691-1111 (see above)
	- also has a line of VME compression boards
	- Micro Dynamics Ltd. imaging systems use Storm accelerator

Picture Packer Accelerator - Video & Image Compression Corp.
	- AT and NuBus boards use the JPEG Open Standard and a TMS320C25

SunVideo (S-bus) - Sun Microsystems
        - PAL/NTSC framegrabber with an integrated C-Cube CL4000
	  VideoRISC processor and downloadable video compression for
	  MPEG, MJPEG or CellB. It achieves about 10 Frames/sec on
	  MPEG Level 1 picture data compression. The board costs about $1K.

Phoenix System - T/one Inc. uses an Optivision Optipac 3250 to talk to a Storm 
                 Technologies NuBus PicturePress Accelerator to talk JPEG over 
                 analog phone lines.

Nextdimension - NeXt Computer Inc. 415-780-3912
	- 24+8-bit alpha, 640x480, 30 f/s decompression
	- CL550 version not shipping as announced. 

Spirit-40  - Sonitech International Inc. ISA card. 617-235-6824
	- two TMS320C40 DSPs for 80 MFLOPS
	- connect 16 boards in a hypercube for up to 1280 MFLOPS
	- JPEG, MPEG-1 audio and other voice coding applications included 

HardPak - CERAM Inc., ISA and EISA file compression board.  719-540-8500
	- 3.4 x 1.8 inch footprint (notebook, laptops)
	- 32KB on-board write-thru file compression cache
	- CERAM also has an SBus compressive swap-space accelerator for Suns

macDSP - Spectral Innovations, AT&T DSPC32-based accelerator.  408-727-1314
	- JPEG functions available
	- 30 MFLOPS on the NuBus

 Integrated Digital Video Boards - Miscellaneous Multimedia, Video Conferencing

VCI/oem - Vista Communication Instruments, Inc. +358 0 460 099
	- two AT-board H.261 video codec, PAL or NTSC cameras and monitors
	-56 kbps (64 kbps) to 2 Mbps, 64 kbps increments
	- H.221 framing and synchronizing 	- H.241 network signalling 
	- H.200/AV.254 forthcoming standard for compressed audio
	- network interface boards available

MediaStation- VideoLogic Inc., JPEG compression board for ISA bus. 617-494-0530
	- works with VideoLogic DVA-4000/ISA motion video board, custom bus
	- CL-550 plus ADPCM and PCM audio support
	- Inmos Transputer for I/O scheduling
	- Microsoft Windows Multimedia Extensions and proprietary interfaces

DECspin - Digital Equipment CorpSound/Picture Information Network 508-493-5111
	- full motion, true-color (24-bit) and greyscale (8-bit black & white)
	- variable frame size and rate up to 640 x480 x30 NTSC true-color 
	- Internet or DECnet transmission and disk I/O of live synchronized
	- video teleconferencing using standard network protocols 
	- create and edit of audio and video sequences
	- voice grade live audio sequences
	- DECmedia DECvideo and DECaudio hardware and software required

ActionMedia II - Intel/IBM DVI PS/2 and PC/AT boards.  914-642-5472
	- i750 processor boards for capture and delivery systems
	- Microsoft programming support libraries
	- proprietary RTV and PLV compression algorithms resident, time and
          time/space VQ
	- Real Time  Video (RTV) algorithm 1.5 , effective 128x120 pixel
          sequence at 30 f/s.
	- RTV 1.0 is 128x240 at 10 f/s. 
	- Presentation Level Video (PLV) - extensive off-line processing,
          exploits inter-frame coherence.  
	- i750 processor capable of playing-back PLV-compressed 256x240
          sequences at 30 f/s. 

DVI Board - Fast Electronic U.S. Inc. laptop board.  508-655-3278
	- uses Intel i750 chipset
	- compress or decompress video at up to 30 f/s

EyeQ - New Video Corp. DVI boards for the Macintosh.  213-396-0282
	- uses Intel i750 chipset
	- 150 KB/s full-motion compressed video
	- T1 and Winchester integration paths

Copernicus 1000 & 2000 - DesignTech, 408-453-9510
	- DVI-based presentation and authoring systems 

Spectrum Signal Processing - DSP96002-based PC-AT board
	- up to four boards in cascade
	- other TI, Analog Devices and AT&T-based DSP offerings

Ariel Corp. - Dual DSP96002 PC-AT board with compression support.  201-429-2900

Capture I - UVC Corp., 16-bit ISA bus board.  was 714-261-5336, out
          of business now.
	- 30 f/s of 640/480 interlace capture and record (uses UVC7710)
	- NTSC or PAL input
	- VPC200/201 development board set - proprietary NTSC video codec
         (audio card required).  

Leadview  - Lead Technologies, Inc. accelerates an enhanced JPEG algorithm
   on ISA

IBM - near-term availability:
	(1) IBM United Kingdom and British Telecommunications plc. 
	- PC or PS/2 add-on boards by end of 1993
	- interface to ISDN 2 service (one or two 64kb/s channels)
	- BT also planning residential videophone product with GEC Marconi Ltd.
	(2) IBM Japan PS/2 board 
	- uses GCTX64000 for H.261 
	- ISDN (narrowband 64kb/s ) and IEEE 802.5 LAN interfaces

Optibase 100 - Optibase, Inc. DSP-based compression/expansion boards.
	- supports JPEG
	- supports CCITT G.721 and ANSI T1.301 & T1.303  drafts (voice and
	- and proprietary compression (AADCT, lossless)

Optibase MPEG Lab Pro and MPEG Lab +. Phone: 214-386-2040 or 800-451-510

Motorola - DSP56002 (fixed-point 40MHz version of the 56001)

AT&T JPEG coder (George Warner <>)
        - runs on a DSP3210 under the VCOS operating system.
	  The coder can be used to simultaneously compress/decompress
	  multiple images and/or be used in conjunction with other DSP
	  modules to preprocess or postprocess the image data.

	  Other modules available for the DSP3210 include audio coders
	  (such as MPEG, SBC, CDXA, and G.722), modem/fax data pumps
	  (V.32bis, V.22bis, and V.29), DTMF, call progress detection,
	  sample rate conversion, and more.

MWave - TI, IBM, Intermetrics multimedia system, due from IBM in 1993. 

Misc. NuBus boards - RasterOps , Radius, Mass Microsystems, Orange Micro,
IBM M - - Motion.

P.OEM - Interated Systems Inc. fractal compression boards for the PC.

two desktop video conferencing products for Sparc's
with the Parallax XVIDEO board:

Communique! - desktop video conferencing products for Sparcs with the Parallax
              XVIDEO board:
        InSoft, Inc., 4718 Old Gettsburg Road, Executive Park West I, Suite 307
        Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, USA. email:
        phone: 717-730-9501, fax: 717-730-9504

PSVC - desktop video conferencing products for Sparcs with the Parallax
              XVIDEO board:
	Paradise Software, Inc., 55 Princeton Heightstown Rd, Suite 109
	Princeton, NJ 08550, USA. email:
	phone: 609-275-4475, fax: 609-275-4702

North Valley Research - video and other time-based media in a UNIX environment
        North Valley Research; 15262 NW Greenbriar Pkwy; Beaverton, OR  97006
        Phone (503) 531-5707, Fax (503) 690-2320. Todd Brunhoff <>

Visionetics MPEG MasterTM for 386 PC. phone (310) 316-7940,
         fax (310) 316-7457, e-mail
    MPEG Video compliant with ISO-11172 
    Up to 16 million colors regardless of VGA card or VGA mode 
    704 x 480 NTSC, 704x576 PAL resolution 
    Full motion video NTSC ( 30 fps), Pal (25 fps) 
    VIGABUSTM high speed digital video bus 

    MPEG audio  Layer I and II 
    16 bit stereo digital audio playback 
    20 Hz - 20 KHz frequency response 
    Stereo headphone/preamp output 

RealMagic board. Sigma Designs, 510-770-0100
        - MPEG Audio and Video playback board (ISA bus). Full compliance with
          ISO CD 11172. Supports 30 fps (NTSC), and 25 fps (PAL).
        - MPEG sound standards - Layer I and II.
        - On-board CD ROM interface (not on RealMagic Lite board)

RealMagic Producer. Sigma Designs, 510-770-0100
        - Video/Audio Capture and MPEG encoding controller (PCI bus). 
        - Compressed Data Format: MPEG-1, 352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL).
        - Audio Capture - MPEG-1, Layer I and II. 44.1 kHz sampling frequency.
        - Require Pentium system, 16 MB RAM, fast SCSI hard drive.

 Boards Under Development

Matrox - Matrox Studio line of PC boards will include a 64-bit MOVIE bus and
         JPEG compression.


Subject: [99] Acknowledgments

There are too many people to cite. Thanks to all people who directly
or indirectly contributed to this FAQ.

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