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[l/m 2/18/94] benchmark source info-Intro -- netiquette (1/28) FAQ

Archive-name: benchmark-faq/part1

1	Introduction to FAQ chain and netiquette	<This panel>
2	Benchmarking Concepts
3	PERFECT Club/Suite
5	Performance Metrics
6	Temporary scaffold of New FAQ material
7	Music to benchmark by
8	Benchmark types
9	Linpack
10	Network Performance
11	NIST source and .orgs
12	Measurement environments
15	12 Ways to Fool the Masses with Benchmarks
17	Benchmark invalidation methods
19	WPI Benchmark
20	Equivalence
21	TPC
23	RFC 1242 terminology (network benchmarking)
25	Ridiculously short benchmarks
26	Other miscellaneous benchmarks
28	References

This is the 28 part Frequently Answered Questions chain post.

Some information before the next 27 parts come at you.

0) If you are unfamiliar with NetNews, read this and a few other groups
for a while before posting to get a sense of style.  In particular read:

1) It is usually a good idea to read all posts, before responding.
   DO NOT ASSUME that other posters/readers exist in the same
   environment as you, or have similar opinions.  For instance, some
   editors/news readers with line wrap really annoy those who don't
   have such systems.

2) Try to respond via email.
 i)  A signature is useful because email doesn't always work.
	You are net naive if you believe it does.
 ii) Problems with email?  Ask your system admin.

3) When you start to post:
 ii) IF YOU DO CROSS-POST, USE "Followup-To:" LINES.

4) When following up to a previous post:
 i)  TRIM ATTRIBUTION: lines with ">" as the first character noting.
     Especially trim long signatures.  You don't need them.
 ii) EDIT Subject: LINES.

5) Learn about other network resources: mail daemons, anonymous FTP,
etc.  It is not sufficient to simply queries when the FAQ exists and
these other mechanism exist.

6) There is no rule #6.

7) Unless you are Gordon Bell, avoid flame wars.

8) Disclaimer: .....

9) Tired of seeing this post?  Learn about Killfiles.  Oh, you are on a
system lacking these?  Good reason to switch to a different news reader
and operating system.
The Header above is specially constructed to note changes, etc.
If you need to learn more about News, in general ask your system admin.

What you are about to see is an experimental attempt at newsgroup
self-moderation.  It is that: EXPERIMENTAL.  It has near equivalent control
groups, measurements, etc.  Each part is posted once a month for 28 days.
Each part is supposed to represent the group's network memory.  Each day
is called a "panel."  Each panel has a pointer (index) to other panels.
A study has shown that most people will NOT read a post great than about
200 lines.  One hesistates even to write greater than 1 "screen" lest one
get ignored.

News.answers cross-post: a special moderated group for FAQs.
Read n.a. if you want to get FAQs.  N.a. readers: only the first panel of
the chain is posted to n.a., read comp.benchmarks for the rest.

                   ^ A  
                s / \ r                
               m /   \ c              
              h /     \ h            
             t /       \ i          
            i /         \ t        
           r /           \ e      
          o /             \ c    
         g /               \ t  
        l /                 \ u
       A /                   \ r
        <_____________________> e   

n.a. Testing, hope this works..... 

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