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 Linux Documentation Project FAQ index 

The following FAQs (list updated 4 Dec 2000) are currently available:

  • AfterStep FAQ,

    Updated November 1998. By Andrew Sullivan, <>
    This is the AfterStep Window Manager FAQ (mostly with answers).

    other formats: plain text

  • Ftape FAQ,

    Updated December 1997. By Johan De Wit, <>
    A FAQ for the Ftape Floppy Tape Device Driver.

    other formats: plain text

  • Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers,

    Updated December 2000. By Robert Kiesling, <>
    This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions for Linux, the free Unix for just about every computer hardware platform on the planet.

    other formats: plain text | PDF

  • Linux-RAID FAQ

    Updated October 2000. By Gregory Leblanc, <>
    This is a FAQ for the Linux-RAID mailing list, hosted on It's intended as a supplement to the existing Linux-RAID HOWTO, to cover questions that keep occurring on the mailing list. PLEASE read this document before your post to the list.

    other formats: plain text | PDF

  • Linux PPP FAQ,

    Updated December 1996. By Al Longyear, <>
    This document contains a list the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about PPP for Linux (and their answers).

    other formats: plain text

  • Linux SMP FAQ,

    By David MentrИ, <>
    Replaced by the: Linux SMP HOWTO.

  • Linux Threads Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),

    Updated January 1997. By Sean Walton, <>
    This FAQ is designed to answer several frequently asked questions about Linux threads.

The following text-only FAQs (list updated 21 July 2000) are currently available:

The following FAQs are found on other sites, and may be of interest:

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