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15.10 Cleaning up empty directories

Do make your ports clean up after themselves when they are deinstalled. This is usually accomplished by adding @dirrm lines for all directories that are specifically created by the port. You need to delete subdirectories before you can delete parent directories.

    @dirrm lib/X11/oneko/pixmaps
    @dirrm lib/X11/oneko/sounds
    @dirrm lib/X11/oneko

However, sometimes @dirrm will give you errors because other ports also share the same subdirectory. You can call rmdir from @unexec to remove only empty directories without warning.

    @unexec rmdir %D/share/doc/gimp 2>/dev/null || true

This will neither print any error messages nor cause pkg_delete to exit abnormally even if PREFIX/share/doc/gimp is not empty due to other ports installing some files in there.

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