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5 Examples

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FreeBSD+Win95: If you installed FreeBSD after Windows 95, you should see DOS on the Boot Easy menu. This is Windows 95. If you installed Windows 95 after FreeBSD, read Section 4 above. As long as your hard disk does not have 1024 cylinders you should not have a problem booting. If one of your partitions goes beyond the 1024th cylinder however, and you get messages like ``invalid system disk'' under DOS (Windows 95) and FreeBSD will not boot, try looking for a setting in your BIOS called ``> 1024 cylinder support'' or ``NORMAL/LBA'' mode. DOS may need LBA (Logical Block Addressing) in order to boot correctly. If the idea of switching BIOS settings every time you boot up does not appeal to you, you can boot FreeBSD through DOS via the FBSDBOOT.EXE utility on the CD (It should find your FreeBSD partition and boot it.)

FreeBSD+OS/2+Win95: Nothing new here. OS/2's boot manger can boot all of these operating systems, so that should not be a problem.

FreeBSD+Linux: You can also use Boot Easy to boot both operating systems.

FreeBSD+Linux+Win95: (see Section 3)

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