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Chapter 8. The Website

Table of Contents
8.1. Preparation
8.2. Build the web pages from scratch
8.3. Install the web pages into your web server
8.4. Environment variables

8.1. Preparation

Get 200MB free disk space. You will need the disk space for the SGML tools, a subset of the CVS tree, temporary build space and the installed web pages. If you aready have installed the SGML tools and the CVS tree, you need only ~100MB free disk space.

Note: Make sure your documentation ports are up to date! When in doubt, remove the old ports using pkg_delete(1) command before installing the port. For example, we currently depend on jade-1.2 and if you have installed jade-1.1, please do

    # pkg_delete jade-1.1

Setup a CVS repository. You need the directories www, doc and ports in the CVS tree (plus the CVSROOT of course). Please read the CVSup introduction how to mirror a CVS tree or parts of a CVS tree.

The essential cvsup collections are: www, doc-all, cvs-base, and ports-base.

These collections require ~100MB free disk space.

A full CVS tree - including src, doc, www, and ports - is currently 650MB large.

For questions about FreeBSD, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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