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tmac ()
  • >> tmac (5) ( FreeBSD man: Форматы файлов )


    groff_tmac - macro files in the roff typesetting system


    The roff(7) type-setting system provides a set of macro packages suitable for special kinds of documents. Each macro package stores its macros and definitions in a file called the package's tmac file. The name is deduced from `TroffMACros'. The tmac files are normal roff source documents, except that they usually contain only definitions and setup commands, but no text. All tmac files are kept in a single or a small number of directories, the tmac directories.  


    groff provides all classical macro packages, some more full packages, and some secondary packages for special purposes. Note that it is not possible to use multiple primary macro packages at the same time; saying e.g.

    ell_cmd groff -m man -m ms foo


    ell_cmd groff -m man foo -m ms bar

    will fail.  


    This is the classical macro package for UNIX manual pages (man~pages); it is quite handy and easy to use; see groff_man(7).
    An alternative macro package for man~pages mainly used in BSD systems; it provides many new features, but it is not the standard for man~pages; see groff_mdoc(7).

    Full Packages

    The packages in this section provide a complete set of macros for writing documents of any kind, up to whole books. They are similar in functionality; it is a matter of taste which one to use.
    The classical me macro package; see groff_me(7).
    The semi-classical mm macro package; see groff_mm(7).
    The new mom macro package, only available in groff. As this is not based on other packages, it can be freely designed. So it is expected to become quite a nice, modern macro package. See groff_mom(7).
    The classical ms macro package; see groff_ms(7).

    Special Packages

    The macro packages in this section are not intended for stand-alone usage, but can be used to add special functionality to any other macro package or to plain groff.
    This macro file is already loaded at start-up by troff so it isn't necessary to call it explicitly. It provides an interface to set the paper size on the command line with the option B]-dpaper=]I]size]. Possible values for size are the same as the predefined papersize values in the DESC file (only lowercase; see groff_font(5) for more) except a7-d7. An appended l (ell) character denotes landscape orientation. ExampleSegmentation fault (core dumped)
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